The Celtic Moon Calendar

Technical information

The calculations of the moon's phases and individual moon names are (c) Merlin 1984-2011. If you have either cookies or javascript disabled in your browser, you won't be able to see any results.

The dates and times of the moon's phases and the solar festivals are universal and the same for the whole globe. The cross quarter day times are the times of sunset. The ancient Celts started their day with sunset, and their year with winter (Samhain, October 31st).

The actual times shown are Central European Time (GMT + 1 hr), with appropriate summertime added. Summertime in Europe including the Netherlands runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. More Dutch summertime details can be found at De wettelijke tijdregeling in Nederland (in Dutch). The times of sunset are calculated for Utrecht, central Netherlands, latitude 52�00'N, longitude 5�00'E.


The Celtic Moon Calendar

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