The Goddess Coin

Wiccan Rede * Summer 1989 by SunBear

Ever wonder why coins are circular, or why they often have the Goddess of Liberty or Plenty? Yes, it’s true. Coins represent the moon and the sun. A silver coin was sacred to the Goddess as a reflection of her moon. Coins made of gold were sacred to her consort. One coin in the ancient world, from Rhodes, had Helios, the personification of the sun, on one side and a lily, symbol of the Goddess, on the other. The Greeks minted coins with Athena or her Owl. Coins needed the blessing of the Goddess by way of secret rituals at her temples when they were struck to be real.

However, as patriarchal institutions, and especially the military dictatorships, gained more power, images of political leaders became more common. Roman Emperors had themselves or family members stamped on the coinage. Some still had the Goddess on the reverse. Thus it implied that he was the Consort King, as earlier kings in the fertile crescent had become through the Sacred Marriage of Hieros Gamos.

It is interesting to note that in the United States images of Liberty or of wildlife were used exclusively until 1909 when Lincoln was portrayed. (There were the Indian Head coins but that is probably a racist reference to “Wild Indians” or the “Noble Savage”). The Motto that is unconstitutionally on the U.S. coinage, “In God We Trust” was first introduced during a time of fundamentalist Christian revivalism in the mid-19th century. However, it did not become standard until just after World War II, during the McCarthy era. This is the same time that “Under God” was inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance by an Act of Congress.

I wanted to do coin spells with a silver coin and kept a silver dollar in my medicine pouch. It has a wonderful image of Walking Liberty draping herself in the American flag with a sun just rising above the horizon. But somehow it didn’t feel right. What with the Motto on it and all. I wanted a coin that was truly a Goddess Coin.

I spoke with other witches in my area and found that they also thought it would be fitting to have our own coin. We barter our skills in the Craft and handicrafts; why not have a currency that is our own, to facilitate trade, encouraging a Pagan Economy?


Coin of the Realm * Exchange rate: One lunar equals $25.00
The Lunar coin is ½ oz. (14 grms) of .999+ fine silver. It’s the size of
a US half dollar, 29 mm. across, and if not used as money it makes 
a fine pendant or coin for money spells.

One thought was to commission a coin and set up a bank at Pagan gatherings. One could exchange U.S. currency for “Lunars” and buy desired items from vendors. The bank would then exchange money back if the vendors desired (or needed… Hey, we all have to buy groceries and pay our rent in green backs). The coins do cost money to produce but this cost would be covered by people keeping some of the coins for gifts or their own altar. The plan seemed workable and fun. All that was needed was a few thousand dollars and trust in the vision. I have that, so here today is the first coin.

The obverse of the coin was selected from several submissions by a panel of three respected individuals from South Bay Circles, an inter-coven council in the South San Francisco Bay Area. The image was submitted by Tourquois Moon. A young (15 years old) woman from Luna Circa, an open women’s circle. The reverse was designed by me. The Celtic Knot Pentacle I originally designed for my Book of Lights and Shadows cover. The wreaths of oak leaves, acorns, and grain, symbolise Mother Nature’s abundant gifts. This reverse will be the same, save for the denomination, on future coins. I am accepting suggestions and artwork for these future issues. The individuals whose submission is selected will receive the first coin struck.

I am also interested in learning of other folks’ coin spells to put together a series of articles.

Sunbear is a Bard and Engineer in Silicon Valley. She plays Dulcimer, Bamboo Flute and Guitar. Working in both Dianic and “Eclectic South Bay” traditions she is a member of Triskellion Coven and Luna circa. If you see her you can be sure an instrument is nearby. In her working life she is an inventor who always has a patent notebook within reach. She has several patents in the field of electronics with more to come. She shares her home with two other members of Triskellion and a familiar named Hopkins, a white dwarf lop-eared rabbit. Sunbear can be reached at MoonCoin Mint, 1556 Halford Ave # 163,Santa Clara CA 95051, U.S.A.

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