Children’s Activity Books

1990_summer_child_activityWiccan Rede * Summer 1990 by Merlin Sythovr

There are a few pagan ‘childrens activity books’ available, with pictures to colour, games to do, mazes to follow, alphabets to draw, etcetera.

“Mother Earth’s ABC to colour”, by Nicola Beechsquirrel, is a small booklet with plain pictures on one page, the word on the other. Starting with Ant, Bat, Cup and Dance to Whale, eXtra page, Yin-Yang to Zig-Zag. From 4 to 5 year olds can learn the alphabet, younger children will have fun colouring anyway.

Also by Nicola “Wally Wimple’s Washing Line”, a short story about Wally washing his own and his daughter’s clothes, hanging it up, and even a bird nesting in a tunic pocket. Rhianne loves it!

Both are available from PAN (See ad section).

For the 5 to 10 year olds there is “A Pagan Childs’ ABC” by Jeremy (Jeremy, if you read this, or anyone else who knows, send us an address to order it – the book itself doesn’t give any!!) This A4 book gives pictures to colour, and some text for parents or the children themselves to read. Starting with Apple, Air and Athame, Beltane, Broom, Circle, Cauldron, Candles and Coven, to Yule and Zodiac, there is certainly plenty of material to explain, and to familiarise a child with the Craft jargon!

My own favourite and the most professionally executed of these books is “Pagan Kids’ Activity Book” by Amber K., a well known priestess from America (Moonstone Publications, P.O.Box 176, Blue Mounds, WI 53517, USA). It contains a story about Lesley and Liam and their friends, who explain about the Circle, the Moon, the God and Goddess, the Festivals, the Wiccan Rede, etc. Well drawn, good text, nice mazes, puzzles, games, colouring, herblore, even Theban script! A 6 year old may have fun colouring the pictures, but some of the puzzles are for 10 to 14 year olds definitely.

None of these booklets are the 50-cent-throw-away type, for obvious reasons, and I make photocopies for the child to use, thus keeping the original complete.

If there are more pagan booklets out there for children: please send us a copy for a review in these pages!
Last updated: December 2nd 2013

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